African Wild Dogs Feeding in 360!

African Wild Dogs. Pretty cute, right?

Depends. African Wild Dogs, also known as Painted Dogs, are some of the most prolific hunters in the African bush. Their hunts in the wild are usually opportunistic, but as is evidenced by the signature squeaks & shrills in this video, they have a sophisticated communication method which enables Wild Dogs in the bush to kill almost every day.

Deep VR was obviously going to film Cheetahs at South Africa’s De Wild Cheetah & Wildlife Center, but what many don’t realise is that they have a very successful breeding program for these endangered animals.

And so naturally, as a production company specialising in virtual reality, we wanted people to experience what it is like watching these incredibly agile & curious creatures in as real (but safe) a way as possible.

An unhappy ending

People are generally super curious about our virtual reality camera rigs when we’re out in public. What we weren’t ready for during this shoot however, was curiosity from these 12 mischievous mammals. You’ll obviously have noticed these Wild Dogs jumping up to get a good look & sniff of the rig… what the footage doesn’t show is when they decided our rig would better be served as a chew toy and smashed it over. Needless to say, our brand new 3D 360° camera rig met a pretty nasty end.

Special note: Deep VR wants to make special mention that these dogs were filmed in captivity. The gentleman feeding them in the background is a trained custodian of these animals and helps oversee their breeding programme. Being on foot without trained guides and feeding wild animals in nature is strongly condemned