Deep VR Now Offers Spatial Audio

The sound and music is 50% of the entertainment in a movie – George Lucas

After a long wait, Deep VR has finally received its custom- and hand-made spatial audio microphone kit! Used in conjunction with a high-end 8-channel recorder, a spatial audio microphone does what our cameras do: capture information in a full 360 degree environment. The significance of this is huge. Virtual reality is all about tricking the human brain that its in an environment different to the one it’s actually in – and audio plays a massive role.

We all know and love 5.1 surround sound audio, but spatial audio, which is also known as ambisonic sound, is this on steroids. Not only do you get to experience surround sound, but it’s relative to how you angle your head whilst using a virtual reality headset. That means an infinite number of sound sources, and even with simple stereo headphones, you’ll experience sound from a different environment as if it were completely real.

We have an in-house audio/voice suite and sound design/mastering facility. We’ll be tapping into this to create spatial audio for all of our high-end VR projects.

We’ll be launching our first client project featuring spatial audio in a little over a week!

Be sure to listen to the embedded video above using earphones to experience how spatial audio (or ambisonic sound) changes your experience as you click & drag the video to virtually listen in 360!