Huggies Baby Wipes VR

Why would Huggies Baby Wipes use virtual reality to communicate product values?

Because virtual reality makes it so much more real. Huggies Baby Wipes are, in fact, the most natural wipes on the market, with a high natural fiber & water content. To make this product unique selling point really hit home, Deep VR created an experience that takes you to the forests  and waterfalls of the Drakensberg, a gorgeous World Heritage Site in Kwa-Zulu Natal, South Africa. We filmed the whole project in stereoscopic 3D. It was an arduous shoot, with only a few days notice to find an appropriate waterfall with lush greenery around (despite the onset of winter!) and a forest that would allow golden dappled sun through its leaves.

You remember those high school experiments where you grow a bean in a jar? Huggies Baby Wipes, as it turns out, are so natural, that they can harbour life. Seen in Huggies’ traditional TV ads, we added a CGI (computer-generated image) of a bean growing in a time lapse right in front of your eyes in the VR experience.

This was the first project on which we used our brand new Tetramic spatial microphone, which captured the sound of water crashing and wind blowing in full 360 degrees, for a truly visceral and calming experience.

Huggies purchased several Samsung Gear VR kits from us, pre-loaded with the VR experience to use at baby expos around South Africa. We also designed and fabricated 10,000 Google Cardboards for them (all done locally!). Young tech-savvy moms and dads have been experiencing the product values and benefits. The Cardboards were given as giveaways at the expos to share the VR experience, as well as used as a retail incentive in twin-packs.