#ZumaMustFall Marches in Virtual Reality (eNCA News)

Following on from the success of our Photo & Film Expo 2015 VR journalism piece with Yusuf Omar & eNCA, it was time to produce something about current affairs.

Following the sacking of Finance Minster Nhlanhla Nene, people took to the streets in Johannesburg and Cape Town to demonstrate their dissatisfaction. eNCA called Deep VR 30 minutes before it was confirmed that the #ZumaMustFall marches were to take place in Braamfontein, across the Nelson Mandela Bridge.

Deep VR arrived just as the marches started with two 360° camera rigs, allowing us to capture the march for exactly what it was.

Often the news is criticised of being biased. Virtual reality offers an unparalleled and completely unaltered version of events, transporting the viewer to the scene as if they were actually marching themselves.

This gives news agencies a completely new way of breaking news & creating empathy amongst viewers. The United Nations created VR story about the Syrian refugee camps and broke their fundraising records after it was published.

In the case of the #ZumaMustFall Johannesburg march, while only around 1,500 people attended, the virtual march was experienced by over 45,000 people.