what we do

  • 360° video 

    VR is our entire focus. Our cameras capture 2D (monoscopic, for online 360° videos) and 3D (stereoscopic, for virtual reality headset videos) footage. We only use the highest quality equipment capable of up to 12K export quality. VR isn't just about static footage, so we have an arsenal of fully stabilised remote control moving platforms too. Our team comprises the most experienced VR directors, cinematographers and VFX artists on the continent.

  • 360° drone filming

    We own several drones allowing us to capture full 360° video from the skies. Our top-of-the-line drone is a DJI Matrice 600 with a prototype VR gimbal for the ultimate in stabilisation, giving viewers an unprecedented perspective from the skies.

  • 360° underwater

    Action happening under water? We've developed an underwater 360° video rig, which captures fully spherical video without distortion thanks to careful light refraction calculation in the dome design. We also now film stereo 360 underwater - something never previously possible.

  • spatial audio

    Stereo is old news. We capture and master all work exclusively in spatial audio. Spatial is super-realistic when coupled with a VR headset, allowing you to hear sound depth in a 360° environment. The perceived source of sound changes depending on where your head is turned. Our spatial microphones and 8-channel recorders are extremely high-quality. We also offer in-house voice-over recording in a professional sound booth.

  • Volumetric VR

    Next generation VR, also known as “6 Degree of Freedom”, “6DOF”, “room scale”, “interactive VR” and “videogrammetry”, is no longer the future. It’s here. While 360 video allows a viewer to be immersed in a story like never before, interactivity is limited to the twisting of the viewer’s head. Volumetric VR on the other hand allows a person to move around in the real world, which translates to replicated movement in the virtual environment. It’s the most real and cutting-edge evolution of VR that technology allows.

  • Finishing services

    This one is for our international VR production colleagues. Deep VR has spent many years perfecting the art of stitching, VFX and clean-ups. To this day, most award-winning content has artefacts and difficult-to-clean evidence of tripods/dolleys/tracks, gear shadows, shakiness in moving shots, imperfect stitch lines and other gremlins that break the immersive experience for the viewer. We know how to polish the imperfections out. Because we are based in South Africa, our overheads are lower than in the US or Europe, making our OCD-like finishing skills great bang for your buck.

  • consulting

    The key to a solid return on investment for VR is effective leverage. A common misconception about virtual reality is that there are no distribution mechanisms in place for it. Deep VR, literally and figuratively with its head in the VR game all day long, can consult on how to effectively leverage existing content better and further, geo-target content, ad buys, age-gating and more.

  • VR headset rentals

    We understand that viewing scale is important to our clients, so we invested in the country’s biggest rental pool of VR headsets - a total of 50. Our Samsung Gear VR S8 kits with Sennheiser headphones deliver the highest resolution viewing experience possible on any existing VR headset. This allows cinema-like environments to be put together for mass viewings & launches. Find out more about our VR goggle rentals on our rentals website.

Deep VR Oculus


For 100 years, we've become accustomed to watching content
on a fixed frame, which has served us well. But we've always
been removed from the story because we've only ever been
able to tell a story from a 3rd person point-of-view.

Virtual reality, for the first time in history, allows us to immerse
people inside the story and experience it as if physically present.  

VR has the power to completely shift how we use content
to engage with, educate and entertain fans, clients, employees
and buyers. 

SUN Resorts
”Timeless Memories“

A worldwide VR campaign by Mauritius-based SUN Resorts, this VR experience is geared generally toward the hospitality industry and specifically toward travel agents to give prospective tourists an immersive and life-like taste of what they could experience by staying at SUN’s incredible 4- and 5-star resorts in Mauritius & the Maldives. This particular project was filmed in 3D 360, and incorporated drone, wireless motion dolley and underwater filming in one piece.


Some of our creative and brave clients are featured below.



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